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'Touchless' Massage Therapy During a Pandemic

With Covid-related restrictions in place, massage therapists are reimagining ways to help their clients.

After the coronavirus lockdowns took hold in March, Suzanne Kwasniewski, a licensed massage therapist in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., began calling her regular clients every week or two, at first just to see how they were doing. “When I spoke with some of my regulars, particularly those I’ve known a long time, I picked things up in their voices,” she said. Sometimes it was fear and frustration. Other times she sensed deep-seated emotional distress.

As the weeks rolled by, she realized she could help them remotely.

She had met with one client, a woman in her 90s, in an aromatic therapy room every other week for more than five years, a routine abruptly disrupted by the pandemic.


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