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A distinctive 25-year career successfully informing, motivating and often prompting purposeful personal and organizational action through fact-based news and feature content.


Freelance contributor to The New York Times and general consumer and trade magazines.


Like most of us, I am many things - a parent, a daughter, a wife. And always a writer.


From the art of telling a Twitter-length story to a blog post or magazine feature, my journalism background always guides the voice in my head.


Early in my career I earned a valuable reputation

for translating health and scientific news into compelling, understandable stories that attract the reader from the first line, then hold their attention. 

I went on to write and manage content about renewable energy and climate issues. 

My first children's book was a joy to write at a time when the world is more upside down than ever.


A crazy year - it isn't easy! is the hopeful story of a

9-year-old living through the #Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. 

Much of my work has been ghostwriting, from blogs and opinion columns to full-length books and even medical textbook chapters.


My second children's manuscript is a ghostwritten "legacy book" telling an adult's story of her unique childhood. Coming soon!

I recently completed editing three books, all by previously published authors who wanted an extra set of eyes. 


I have two adult "boys" living in Manhattan. I wake up most mornings in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York and commute 18 feet to my office.  



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